Stop And Think Before You Act And Speak

The Story of Hezekiah in Isaiah chapter 37-39 is interesting. He disrespected God and led the people of Judah away from him by allowing beliefs and worship of other gods and rituals to be practiced in the land of Judah.

Finally, after God sent many warnings, God said enough is enough and sent the Assyrian army to attack the nation of Judah.

After Hezekiah humbled himself before the holy greatness of God and asked God to deliver them from the Assyrians, God in his goodness and mercy did so.

However, because there are always consequences for our poor choices that come against God, Hezekiah and the people of Judah had to undergo some hard times because they turned away from God.

At one point, Hezekiah became ill and God sent word to Hezekiah through the prophet Isaiah that he would not recover, he should “Put your house in order,” that Hezekiah would die.

Hezekiah cried out to God for mercy and forgiveness, and God granted him 15 years to live, during which time there was peace in the land of Judah.

Unfortunately, because Hezekiah led the nation of Judah away from God, that very act set things in motion that would result in Hezekiah’s children and some of his descendants to suffer greatly at the hand of their enemies.

It’s like our nation, and our families. Our leaders make choices that are self-serving that are against what is ok in God’s eyes. Those choices put our nation in the path of God’s judgment.

We make choices for ourselves that directly and indirectly affect our families—sometimes for generations to come.

We have all gone through the family dynamics of the ill-effects of bad choices, broken trust, disappointments, children gone astray, dragging the family name through the mud—you get my point—we can all relate.

There is forgiveness and restoration from the hand of our loving God. But do not be deceived, God is also a righteous judge and he will not overlook the sin of our mistakes and selfishness forever.

Another question—how long do we harbor the mistake, which serves to hold the emotions hostage? How long do we allow the hurt to fester, just waiting for the opportunity to mercilessly “unload” on someone so they are sure they’re aware of every point by which their poor choice affected them??

And…..what is this teaching our children who are little sponges and hear every whisper whether word or deed??

We cry out to God for grace and mercy. Do we give it??

Think ahead before making choices. What will the outcome be?

I was told once, “There is a limit to what a person can forgive.” I’m sure glad God doesn’t see it that way. We would all be destroyed before we became adults.

My point?? We tell our children to stop and think before they act and speak. But….do YOU practice what you preach. Does being an adult somehow negate your responsibility to do the same??

Teach your children well. Teach them to know about Jesus, because they are going to need him. And as you do, remember that for us to grow beyond our mistakes, someone had to forgive us.

I really do wonder how much better off our world would be if we would simply love well and forgive often. But wait—that’s why Jesus died for us—so we would be able to do just that.

To know God is to love him. To understand him is to walk in his ways. To submit to his holiness is to walk in wisdom.

Holding on for a better tomorrow—choose life today.

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