I had a dream not too long ago. It was during the time I was having a hard time forgiving myself for something I did that hurt many and brought shame to my family.

The dream was about my dad, who has been in heaven since 1983. In the dream, The Lord showed me a time when our family was on vacation when I was young girl. My dad was a bit of a daredevil, not too risky, but an adventurer. We were standing on the edge of a mountain side and he threw a huge rock over the side just to see how long it would take before he heard the rock hit the ground below. While doing this, he lost his footing and his balance, and almost went over the edge himself. What a devastating tragedy it would’ve been for my family to have lost my dad when I was ten years old…..we were indeed blessed to have him alive until I was 19. The dream revealed to me how much this really shook my dad up. In the dream, my dad admitted he was being careless, and his carelessness was indeed a bit selfish as it would have cost us having our father and my mother having her husband, and he apologized.

That event really did happen in the real world of our lives many many years ago when we lived in Alaska, and my dad was in the Air Force. We were on vacation when this happened. I know how scary it was for us, but I never knew the impact it had on my dad. It made a real impact on me how important it is to God that we understand how on this earth when we make mistakes–and sometimes we make extraordinarily huge mistakes–that they affect not only ourselves, but others, more importantly sometimes our families.

It is important that we forgive ourselves. But it is just as important we forgive others for their mistakes and how it has affected us. God takes real issue with this.

We forgive others so God will forgive us. Truthfully, who are we not to forgive others, when God has forgiven us of so much. Forgive, so bitterness does not take root and defile many.

Family is everything…….