Prophecy 12-3-2017

(Originally Posted 12-16-2017)

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting, of course we all do during this time and season of the year.  This has been really kind of a hard year for not just me, but for a lot of people with the storms, hurricanes, fires and all of the natural disasters and things going on in our nation. Just things in our lives. But we are in a season now where the Lord says its time for breakthrough.  It is time that we stand on what he had given us, the promises he has made to us.  There is a scripture that says enter his gates with thanksgiving, enter his courts with praise. Yesterday, when I was in my prayer time with the Lord, he showed me a vision that he gave me actually over a year ago, but he showed me windows of heaven and how they kind of look ajar, like you are looking through a lense that is out of focus and you are seeing double vision. Then all of a sudden I saw those windows yesterday line up.

When I was praying, the Lord reminded me of a movie. It’s called Facing the Giants and if you’ve never seen it, it is really worth watching.  It’s a movie about a down and out football team who have had several mediocre seasons and when the coach got serious and said, “Lord I give it all to you, I’m going to follow you.  Just tell me what you want me to do.  Then everything turned around and they started winning. They got to the very last game of the season, to everybody’s amazement made it all the way to the state final playoffs.  They are facing the team that his bigger and faster than they are and who has never lost a championship tournament. In the game, they are down to the last minutes of the game.  They are using a backup kicker because their kicker got injured in one of the plays, so they called in this backup kicker into the game.  Of course, he is shaken and scared to death because he has never played football before.  This is his first season of football—he has been a soccer player, never before a football player. So they are down to the last few seconds of the game and the game is tied and they have to have a field goal in order to win it—a 51-yard field goal.  This backup kicker said, “Coach, I just don’t think I can do it. I’ve never kicked anymore longer than a 39-yard field goal.  This is too much.  I can’t do it.  The coach took him aside and he said, “Look. I need you to give me your best. Do you think God can do it?” The kicker said, “Yeah, if he wants to.” So, they set up the play and this boy noticed his dad was standing in the end zone standing and lifting his hands up as an encouragement for him. Up this point, the wind was against them.  When the kicker was on the field, he whispered a prayer to God and said, “God help me make this kick.” The minute prayed that to God, God caused the winds to change. The winds shifted and now the wind was at his back. So, the coach was yelling out to him, “Kick it now! Kick it now!” That boy kicked that ball and low and behold, it went through the end zone and through the field goal and they won the game, which was a miracle to everybody in that town.

That is exactly what I heard the Lord saying in this season for us, for his children, “Do it now!  Do it now!”  We are in a season of breakthrough.  We are in a season where we need to stand up and rise up and walk in confidence that we have the victory and all of those things God has promised to us.  Step on the doubt! Put those doubts under our feet and go forth in this new season, in this new year.  We do not have to take defeat.  We are in a season now where God says the winds have changed and have shifted, and things have lined up in the heavens.  Declare and decree what this season will bring for you, for your family, your community and your nation.

God is doing it.  We’ve seen God move.  He is shaking some things down right now. He is not finished.  He is just getting started and this is going to be our brightest hour.  I just want to leave this word with you to just encourage you.  These are the things the Lord has been saying to me and showing me.

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