Where Much is Given, Much is Required

The Lord speaks watch and pray. This is the year of the gate, Hebrew year 5778. This is the year of life. Where much is given much is required. Do not squander your gifts, or wait until you think everything is just right for you to proceed in them. Take that step of faith, and dig deep within those things that you know God is put within you and let his light of life and love shine through you through your gifts and talents. He’s already gone before you made a way for you. Stand up, rise up and walk, even if it means you have to do it afraid. The Lord God Almighty spoke with his own voice to me just a year and a half ago, and as he should me Jesus after being nailed to the cross and the cross being raised up with Jesus being mailed to it and a crown of thorns on his head, he spoke to me “It is finished. Satan has been defeated.” Rise up and walk like you believe and know this is true. Don’t let anything keep you from overcoming any obstacle in this life. For great will your reward be when you persevere.

Somebody needs what God has put in you. Don’t let the devil steal even one moment from you from this moment forward. Live with a purpose and that is to pursue the purpose and destiny that God has for you. God’s promises are eternal. Bring God into remembrance of those things he has promised you. He will do it. For he is faithful.

Luke 12:38-39 tells us it’s good for the servants that his master find them ready no matter what season, or Time of day or night. God tells us if you knew when thief was going to try to break in your house to steal your stuff, you would be ready for him wouldn’t you? God tells us that we need to be ready in the same way, stay on guard for devil, the one to comes to steal, kill and destroy–The one who comes to steal your hopes, your dreams, your ministry, your reputation, your future with the hope that God has for you. The devil is merciless and Will use anyone who allows him room, anyone, even with their best intentions at heart to try to protect and advance the kingdom of God. Stay diligent. Do not put God in a box. I hear him say, “I am doing a new thing. Do you not perceive it?”

We are in a season of favor and God has lined this up in the heavens and commanded his angels to bring for that which he promised us. He speaks, be strong and courageous and go and possess the land to he has given to you.

God has positioned people to help you fulfill your destiny. I pray for the fulfillment of those people in your lives. I pray Psalm 91 and Psalm 20. The Lord is raising up a remnant, even this very hour. And like the song says, “Lord I want to be in that number.” Just do it! Say “Yes, Lord, Yes!”

Peace in his richest blessings.

©2018 Katrina Stanley
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